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Life-size figures of an 89th Regiment of Foot Sergeant and a Canadian Voltiguer. Created by, these figures are part
of the permanent exhibit at the Battle of Crysler's Farm Visitor Centre (part of Upper Canada Village near Morrisburg, ON) Photo: R. Henderson


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Mohawk (Kanien'kehá:ka) Warrior, 1812. The head was cast from a member of the Six Nations
 of the Grand River.  This Life-like figure was created by Access Heritage Inc and can be seen
 at the Battle of Crysler's Farm Visitor Centre.  Photo: R. Henderson

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The Battle of New Orleans, 1815
by Douglas Brown  
Was the American victory at New Orleans proof of U.S. army superiority on the world stage, as claimed at the time? 

Hunter, Hero and Friend: The British Soldier's Dog in the Napoleonic Wars
by Robert Henderson
Stories of man's best friend in barracks, on the march, and under fire.   

Drink Up! Alcohol and the British Soldier in the Canadas during the War of 1812
by Gareth Newfield
An interesting study of rum rations, regulations, and the rowdy soldier.

The First American Invasion of Quebec in the War of 1812
by Robert Henderson
The last effort to invade Canada in the year 1812 was launched by American forces in November and only a small band of Canadians and Mohawk warriors stood in their way.   

The Battle of North Point
by John Pezzola
A key turning point in the Chesapeake campaign, U.S. forces inflict heavy casualties on the British, forcing them to abandon their hopes of capturing Baltimore.

Patriots or Traitors? The Leaking of Secret U.S. War Plans to the British in 1812
by Robert Henderson
Shocking revelations from a U.S. war-hero-turned-British-spy implicating Federalist politicians opposed to the war as his accomplices.

The Siege of Fort Erie
by Frederick Carsted
U.S. forces successfully defend their foothold on the Niagara Peninsula and inflict heavy casualties on the British Army at Fort Erie in 1814.

Full of Confidence" The Dramatic American Attack on Kingston Harbour in 1812
by Robert Henderson
In November 1812 U.S. Commodore Chauncey took his fleet out on Lake Ontario looking for a fight.  What happened would have ramifications on the rest of the war. 

A Serious and Alarming Mutiny: the Michigan Fencibles at Fort McKay 1814  by Peter Monahan  
An interesting event at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin after the British capture of that territory.

The American Attack at Frenchtown on the River Raisin, January 18, 1813
by Robert Henderson
The dramatic running battle fought by the Essex Militia and natives defending their post has been forgotten by most. Hopefully this article changes that unfortunate fact.

The Battle of the Chateauguay and the Canadian Fencible Light Company
by Robert Henderson
Much has been written about the De Salaberry and his men, except the Light Company of the Canadian Fencible Regiment (today perpetuated by the Royal 22e Regiment).  This article helps fill this information gap.

Incredible Selection of Muskets and More

"Marching on its Stomach" Army Diet and Messing Arrangements in Canada, 1812
by Robert Henderson
An extensively documented analysis of the diet of the soldier.

The Long Road to a National War of the 1812 Monument
by Robert Henderson
As National Monument project historian, Mr Henderson unlocks the bumpy road to an 1812 monument on Parliament Hill.  It is clear, generations of Canadians wished this.

The Battle of North Point
by John Pezzola
A key turning point in the Chesapeake campaign, U.S. forces inflict heavy casualties on the British, forcing them to abandon their hopes of capturing Baltimore.

Christmas Season during the War of 1812
by Robert Henderson

Christmas and New Year's Day customs, decorations, and celebrations by soldiers during the war. 


Artefact Corner

Royal Artillery Gunner's Sword of the War of 1812 
There has been confusion in the past on how the Royal Artillery were armed and accoutred in the war.  This historical description helps to clear up this matter. (it also promotes a reproduction of it).

American Eagle Head Officer's Sword, 1812
One of the many variations of the Eagle Headed swords used in the American army and navy during the War of 1812. (Page also promotes a reproduction of it).

French Patterns of Swords used by the U.S. Navy and Army, 1812
Oliver Perry's French pattern sword is illustrated here along with its use by others in the War of 1812. (Page also promotes a reproduction of it).

Brief Notes on a British 1804 Pattern Cartridge Box in Canada
by Craig Williams
The author captures the challenges of identifying, and acquiring artefacts from the War of 1812 and then piecing together the provenance of that item.

Famous 95th Rifles Sabre on Sale

Book Review

A Most Warlike Appearance: Uniforms, Flags and Equipment of the United States in the War of 1812 by René Chartrand  
It is back and is much improved!  After two decades of being sold out, this important resource has been updated and re-published.  Hopefully it will not sell out as quickly as in 1992.

Excerpt from "Desperate Bravery" The Last Invasion of Quebec, 1814
by Robert Henderson

Video Documentaries

Dramatic "The Fight For Canada" 1812 Commerical

Staff of our sister site provided ALL the historical elements of this production, along with training and production design advising. See also Heritage Film Services

 "The War of 1812" from Canada: A People's History

Staff of the Access Heritage Inc were Historic Re-creation Directors for this production including battle choreography, location scouting, providing special skills extras, training, props, weapons, costumes, etc. 


US Regiment of Infantry at the Battle of the Chateauguay (Parks Canada)  


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