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War of 1812 Book Release

Where Right and Glory Lead! The Battle of Lundy's Lane, 1814
by Donald E. Graves

Where RIGHT AND GLORY LEAD! is the story of one of the most hard-fought military actions in North American history.  On a summer evening in July 1814, within sight of Niagara Falls, 5,000 American, British and Canadian soldiers struggled desperately for nearly five hours in a close-range, vicious battle that raged on into the dark.  By morning more than a third had become casualties of what one participant remembered as "a conflict obstinate beyond description."

The two armies had fought to the point of exhaustion, and who won the battle has been a matter of dispute.  The American force withdrew to Fort Erie, where it dealt the British-Canadian forces a sharp defeat, then crossed back into the United States.

Lundy's Lane was the bloodiest battle of the War of 1812 and the bloodiest fought on what is now Canadian soil.  It was the high mark of the 1814 Niagara campaign, which was the longest and most sustained military campaign of the War of 1812, and cost the most casualties on both sides.  The Niagara campaign was the last time that Canada suffered a major foreign invasion.

In his analysis of this still-controversial battle, Donald E. Graves narrates the background and events of the Battle of  Lundy's Lane in precise detail while providing a thorough examinationg of the weaponry, tactics, organization,  and personalities of the opposing armies.  The result is possibly the most thorough analysis of a musket-period action to appear in print and will appeal to those interested in the War of 1812, Napoleonic warfare- and the face of combat.

What reviewers said about the First Edition

"...a vivid and scholarly account...of a desperate and extraordinary night battle, written by a master of the military techniques of the day... an enjoyable and compelling read."-Piers Mackesy, author of The War for America, 1775-83, War Without Victory; The Downfall of Pitt and British Victory in Egypt, 1801.

"An excellent tactical study of a Napoleonic period battle."- Professor David Chandler, author of The Campaigns of Napoleon, and The Art of War in the Age of Marlborough

"Where Right and Glory Lead! is how military history should be written-deeply and carefully researched, salted with common sense, and put into a prose that stands you in a firing line that is fraying thinner by the minute..."-John Elting, author of Sword Around a Throne: Napoleon's Grand Armee and Amateurs to Arms: A Military History of the War of 1812.

" exercise in military history at its best."- Dennis Showalter, History Book Club

"Donald Graves's history is anything but dry, and his insights are extremely valuable.  This book is a must!" -Mike Vogel, Buffalo Evening News

"...a matter of celebration to find a superb history of one such battle... an excellent example of the 'sharp end' of military history." - Barry Gough, Canadian Military History

"...fair treatment of both sides in the Lundy's Lane encounter... should earn this book a 'definitive' treatment for years to come." -David Skaggs, Journal of the Early American Republic

Book Specifications

  • 352 pages

  • Approximately 50 photos and 9 maps

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