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Shannon and the Chesapeake (Library and Archives of Canada)
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new.gif (3158 bytes)The Story of the  Building and Rebuilding of the White House (thanks to Sarah for the link)
The Battle of Plattsburgh, September 1, 1814
The Chesapeake and Leopard Affair, 1807
The General Armstrong and the War of 1812
Uniform Details of the Virginia Militia and 25th US Regiment of Infantry
George Croghan and the Battle of Fort Stephenson
The Road to Washington British Army Style
Key Events and Causes: War of 1812


Treaty of Ghent, 24 December 1814
US Newspaper Debates on Entry into War, 1812
John Richardson, 41st Regiment, on the River Raisin Campaign, 4 February 1813

General McClure on the withdrawal from Fort George
Royal Marines Recruiting Poster
Major-General Brock's Proposals for the Defense of Canada
Articles of Capitulation for Fort Michilimackinac 17 July 1812
Brigadier-General Hull, USA, on the Defense of Detroit
(19 July 1812)
Proclamation by Canadian Major-General Brock (22 July 1812)
The Articles of Capitulation of Fort Detroit (16 August 1812)
Captain Isaac Chauncey, USN, on the Capture of York, Ontario (28 April 1813)


Fort Atkinson
Fort Malden National Historic Site

The Society of the War of 1812 in Wisconsin
The Regency Collection

Historic Fort Erie (official site)
Fashion and Fun in 1812
The War of 1812: Causes, Battles, Results and Timeline
Multieducator: The War of 1812
Fort Erie and the War of 1812
History of Tecumseh & Tippecanoe
War of 1812
War of 1812-1814

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